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Customer Relationship Management

Develops the value of the customer increasing the purchase volumes, the frequency of consumption, and the adoption of profitable lines of business using the most efficient channels.

VECTOR starts profiled from the main groups of clients as well as the consumption pattern of each one of them. The value attributes are identified as well as the performance that the company has in them.

A sequence of campaigns is programmed to activate according to the stage of the customer's life cycle. These initiatives seek to increase the profitability of each client according to the potential of their profile.

We define processes that are simple and agile for the client. Every interaction throughout the customer journey is refined to maximize the customer experience with specific proposals and benefits for each customer.

Commercial and service protocols are established for each interaction with the client. These interactions complement business processes, ensuring consistency in service quality with functional and emotional attributes.

An efficient follow-up of businesses with potential is achieved by replicating the best practices carried out in similar situations and prioritizing a timely execution that guarantees success.

We maximize the income from the customer relationship, applying a process of continuous improvement in the levels of service offered, the campaigns and loyalty programs executed in the different channels available.

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VECTOR starts by analyzing the business strategy and business processes. The approach is applied from the point of view of the company (CRM) as well as from the point of view of the customer experience (CEM). This way, we can design an objective and clear customer management strategy that integrates all the business areas.

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