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SPEC begins with the analysis of the main groups of consumers and clients to structure a differentiated value proposition in the segments with the greatest potential. 


The profiles of the main customer groups are established, as well as their purchasing and consumption patterns. Applying specific segmentation variables, the hierarchy of attributes that are valued in each group of clients and consumers is identified.


The potential market that each segment represents can be estimated with the number of clients of a certain profile and consumption pattern. This potential defines the target markets and their respective allocation and priority of resources.


Each group of clients has a hierarchy of needs, as well as preferences and expectations. The value proposition considers the importance of these attributes to design a profitable solution of products, services, and channels.


The campaigns, proposals, and channels that have achieved the best results in client development are analyzed to define the priority of resources and the level of service that each client deserves according to the income they project.

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Business Strategy Performance

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