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Business Strategy Performance


Design and deploy a Business Strategy integrating all the initiatives of the Information, Marketing, Sales, and Service areas in a tactical sequence with precision and agility.


Identify the main market groups that generate growth. Design differentiated and profitable value propositions for each of these groups, prioritizing resources and actions according to the potential of each segment.

A hierarchy of functional and emotional benefits is defined that structure a value proposition. Communication is clear and consistent to achieve organic growth by creating brand value and generating demand.

A sequence of activities is generated by segment and the stage of the customer life cycle. These campaigns and tactics get new customers, develop current ones, and recover lost customers. The efficiency and effectiveness of each event are controlled at each step.

Customer profitability is optimized through efficient communication and service channels. The level of support and the frequency of contact required by each segment defines a multichannel flow that optimizes the customer experience.

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"SPEC helped us design our strategy in which all functional areas participated. For the first time, areas such as Service and Operations were considered, their contributions were key to the success of the strategy that year."

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