Jacobs and Salomon

designs and implements 

strategic business solutions 

in the areas of 

Information, Marketing, Sales and Service.

We apply methodologies  adapted to the reality

of the markets that our customers fulfill

in Latin America.

We assist our clients to:

  • Formulate business decisions based on objective, reliable and timely indicators. 

  • Integrate and synchronize all marketing activities to maximize demand generation and brand value. 

  • Develop commercial teams focused on efficient and effective management based on an analytical approach.

  • Structure a multichannel that develops the value of the client over time, achieving loyalty and profitability

Business Strategy Performance
The profitable growth of a company is based on the proper execution of its business strategy. Its implementation should integrate and synchronize the objectives and activities of the Information, Marketing, Sales and Service functions. These actions are guided by previously established key performance indicators (KPI´s). The timely analysis of these KPI´s will allow to achieve agility and precision in the execution of the strategy

attracting new customers

development of current clients

Customer Relationship Management
Developing the value of each client requires a corporate strategy that involves all areas of the company under a common approach, the client. Depending on the current and potential value of each customer,  a sequence of events that seek to maximize the commercial relationship is activated.
Even as the events are activated throughout the life cycle of the client, it is necessary to control certain processes and commercial tasks that strengthen the commercial relationship. These interactions seek to develop business opportunities that increase the level of loyalty and profitability generated by the client.
with a population of more than 600 million,
Latin America is a market in constant growth that offers great business opportunities.
For over 20 years, Jacobs & Salomon has specialized in several markets in the region,
providing successful business solutions in various economic sectors:
banking, insurance, telecommunications, retail, consumer goods, pharma and automotive.