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Each segment has a value proposition that considers its needs, expectations, and priorities. This proposal differs from its competitors in unique functional and emotional attributes.


The products and services offered must consistently deliver on their promise of value. The reliability of operation, the consumption of resources, or the waste generated in use, the aspects that define the basic differentiation of the product in the market.


The buyer and user experience should be simple, agile, and reliable. From customer brand recognition to repurchase and recommendation, there is a sequence of contacts, solutions, and services that are synchronized to maximize the customer experience.


The customer experience offered is ensured by applying service protocols at all points of interaction that the customer has. Service levels are established that consider cordiality and proactivity by providing a comprehensive and timely solution in all channels.


Developing the value of current customers is also considered in business strategy. Throughout the customer's life cycle, installation, training, adaptation, and customization activities are carried out in search of customer loyalty.

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