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The success of the business strategy is assured with a properly structured sequence of actions. Each initiative is approved after verifying its success rate and generating value for the customer and the company.



Each business area achieves its objectives using the least amount of resources possible. Just as Marketing optimizes contactability and lead generation, Sales maximizes the closing rate, and Service reduces the incidence rate of errors in the business process.


The market share that the company has reached, the level of penetration of a category, or the degree of repurchase of a new product are parameters that allow efforts to be aligned with the company's strategic objectives.


The speed with which a company implements and deploys the business strategy is a determining competitive advantage today. The time required to launch a new product or to achieve the critical mass of customers is decisive in the success of a strategy.


The level of satisfaction of customer relationships is expressed objectively in the degree of interaction that the client has with the company, its frequency of purchase, the use of the entire range of products, and the probability of recommending the brand.

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Business Strategy Performance

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