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The strategy is deployed on physical and virtual channels with different levels of reach, efficiency, interaction, and control. The integrated and synchronized management of this multichannel will allow us to interact with a 360º view of the client.



A company engages with opinion leaders, minorities, unions, and government entities who influence different groups of clients. A concept and content plan are required to develop affinity and commitment from each of these stakeholders


The time horizon of a business strategy considers different stages in the demand curve and customer life cycle. In each of these stages, there are processes of repurchase, adoption of new products, and increases in value that are proactively generated.


Throughout the life cycle, some problems may arise that affect customer relationships. To correct them promptly, service level agreements are established that improve processes in the different service channels.


All the initiatives developed by the different business areas involve an investment of resources. These expenses and costs must be related to an activity that generates value to estimate the return on investment generated by the proposed strategy.

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